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Media Release

  The Moose Jaw Police Service would like to remind the public that children and youth are returning for the new school year.  Motorists need to pay extra attention this time of year.

  In an effort to help foster a safer community, the Moose Jaw Police Service will be conducting numerous “School Zone Blitz’s” throughout September.  The extra enforcement will be focused on, but not limited to the School and Playground Zones. 

School Zones Are In Effect:

  • 365 days per year

8:00am to 6:00pm 7 days per week

Published Aug 25, 2016

Moose Jaw Police Service

2016 August 24 to 2016 August 25

0700 hours to 0700 hours

Total calls – 31

0914hrs – 1300 block 3rd Ave NE – Family dispute. Situation mediated.


0911hrs – 200 block Athabasca St W – Theft from vehicle – Personal items and bank cards stolen. Complainant discovered fraudulent transaction on bank card. Police continue to investigate.


1015hrs – 0 block Manitoba St E – Mischief – Trailer spray painted overnight. Possible suspects. Under investigation.


1147hrs – 1100 block Wolfe Ave – Theft from vehicle – Unlocked vehicle entered and wallet with bank cards & ID stolen.


1147hrs – 1300 block Gordon Rd – Breach of Court Order – Under investigation.


1234hrs – 300 block Main St N – Cheque Fraud – Fraud discovered by complainant’s bank. No financial loss.


1244hrs – 0 block Manitoba St E – Mischief – Graffiti on building. Possible suspects. Police are investigating.


1259hrs – 1000 block Connaught Ave – Hit & run to vehicle – Damage to front fender, bumper and driver side mirror estimated at $3,000.


1407hrs – 0 block High St W – Credit Card Fraud – Complainant defrauded out of money. Under investigation.


1446hrs – 500 block Thatcher Dr E – Attempted Theft – An unknown person damaged a jewelry case while attempting to steal jewelry. Still under investigation.


1833hrs – 500 block Laurier St – Threats – An unknown person from out of county are using false identity to threaten complainant for banking information. No financial loss occurred. Complainant was given advice.


1855hrs – 12th Ave SW at O’Byrne St – Family Dispute – Mediated. Parties separated.


1854hrs – 1000 block 6th Ave NW – Minor 2 Vehicle Collision – Police assisted with name exchange.


1945hrs – 1000 block Athabasca St E – Assault – Adult was arrested and charged with assault. Detained in cells until sober and will be released by a Justice of Peace to attend court at a later date.


2013hrs – 100 block Duffield St – Aggravated Assault - Two adult males were arrested and are in custody and two adult males were transported by EMS to hospital in serious condition. One of the males was then transported to Regina General Hospital with life threatening injuries. Police continue to investigate.


2035hrs – 700 block Stadacona St E – Assist to locate – Person returned on own before any Police action.




911 Calls – 4

Bylaw Calls – 2

Assist Other Agency - 3

Published Aug 24, 2016

Moose Jaw Police Service

August 23 – August 24, 2016

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Number of Calls for Service: 30



0831hrs – 300 blk River St W – Suspicious – Adult living in a storage bay.  Advised to attend Social Services for assistance.


0925hrs – Hall St E at Willow Av – Found Property – Found flip phone.  Located owner and phone was returned.


1100hrs – 1000 blk Francis St – Ammunition Turn In – Old ammunition located while cleaning out a home.  Turned in for disposal.


1153hrs - 0 blk MacDonald St – Dispute – Two adults arguing over child exchange.  Situation mediated.


1604hrs – 0 blk Wood Lily Dr – Break and Enter – Apartment entered and small item taken.  SUI


2001hrs – 0 blk Caribou St W – Vehicle Seizure – Vehicle seized for 30 days after pulling over an adult who was driving an unregistered vehicle while suspended and misusing a license plate.  Three tickets issued, arrested on outstanding Warrants.


2325hrs – 400 blk Athabasca St E – AGRA – Two adults drinking in public.  Issued tickets and alcohol seized.


2338hrs - 200 blk Irving Av – Loud Party – Adult warned about the noise bylaw, arrested on outstanding Warrants.


0438hrs – 400 blk Ominica St W – Dispute – Two adults arguing.  Both parties gone upon Police arrival.  Subjects not supposed to be in contact with each other.



Assist Other Agences - 2

911 calls - 5

Warrants - 7

Published Aug 23, 2016

Moose Jaw Police Service

August 22 – August 23, 2016

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Number of Calls for Service: 60


0708 hours – 0 blk Lancaster Rd – Truck Theft – Stolen was a black 2004 Ford F350, Saskatchewan license plate 472IVI. 


0723 hours – 1500 blk Spadina St – Bike Theft – Stolen was a Green Norco mountain bike.


0842 hours – 1300 blk Main St N – Motor Vehicle Collision – Incident occurred August 19 but involved person is now presenting with injuries so reported to police.


1047 hours – 1200 blk 3rd Ave NE – Theft Under – Cell phone was stolen.  File is under investigation to contact suspect.


1152 hours – 0 blk Ross St E – Dispute – A verbal dispute between two adults was mediated.


1230 hours – 800 blk Caribou St E – Drug use – Five youth caught smoking marijuana but left prior to police arrival.  File is under investigation to identify subjects.


1303 hours – 1300 blk 11th Ave SW – Dispute – Two parties were separated.  Social Services was notified.


1328 hours – 600 blk Athabasca St W – Mischief – Approximately $5000 damage was done when paint thinner was poured on complainant’s vehicle.


1419 hours – Wellesley St at Winston St – Mischief – Graffiti was spray painted on the lift station.


1525 hours – 1100 blk Bogue Ave – Fraud – Complainant’s credit card number was fraudulently used for a $784 purchase. 


1545 hours – 500 blk 1st Ave NW – Hit & Run – File is under investigation to contact offending driver.


1644 hours – 100 blk Coteau St W – Bike Theft – Stolen was a dark blue, 18-speed Schwinn mountain bike.


1649 hours – 700 blk Hochelaga St W – Dispute – Dispute between three adults. Social Services was notified.


1657 hours – 1st Ave NW at Ominica St W – Erratic Driver – Pedestrian was almost hit by oncoming vehicle in the intersection.

1658 hours – 200 blk Main St N – Hit & Run – Approximately $1000 damage done to vehicle’s back quarter panel when offending vehicle hit complainant’s vehicle and left without exchanging information.


1722 hours – 700 blk Fairford St E – Erratic driver – Complainant was almost hit by vehicle while she was riding her bike.  File is under investigation to speak to offending party.


1818 hours – 200 blk Maple St E – Threats – File is under investigation to speak further with complainant.


1823 hours – 1400 blk 9th Ave NE – Bike theft – Stolen was a boys BMX “Evil” stunt bike.  The bike is black with red writing on it and has pegs on both sides on the back.


1831 hours – 600 blk Laurier St - Threatening – Charges are pending.


1852 hours – 0 blk Thatcher Dr E – Shoplifting – Two adults were charged with theft under and released for court at a later date.


1915 hours – 800 blk MacDonald St – Dispute – Verbal dispute between two adults was mediated.


1918 hours – 600 blk Main St N – Hit & run – Minor damage done to complainant’s vehicle.  Incident occurred August 21.


1931 hours – Irving Ave at O’Byrne St – Bylaw Infraction – An adult was warned for operating a motorized dirt bike within city limits.


2121 hours – 4th Ave NW at Thatcher Dr W – Impaired driving – An adult was charged with impaired driving and driving over .08 after a report of a single vehicle collision.  The driver fled the scene in his vehicle but was located a few minutes later with assistance from members of the public.


2238 hours – 0 blk River Park Dr – Break and Enter – Charges are pending after an intoxicated adult entered the complainant’s residence and began uttering threats.


2244 hours – 100 blk Athabasca St E – Disturbance – After a report of a disturbance, an adult was found having a very loud and animated conversation on his phone.  He was sent on his way.


2256 hours – Manitoba St E at 9th Ave NE – Collision – The driver fled after a single-vehicle collision.  Charges are pending.


Assist Other Agences - 3

911 calls - 7


Breach Court Orders – 4