For quick action taken with a suicidal person on the 9th Avenue bridge: 

Cst. Ryan ForbesTEAMWORK AWARD 2015

For outstanding cooperation, dedication and teamwork to implement innovative solutions and maintain our service delivery capability during a major power failure.2015 Teamwork Award:

For outstanding dedication, cooperation and teamwork to solve an armed robbery.

2015 Community Building Award:  
For leadership and dedicated service to our city and the aboriginal community: 

Isabelle Hanson Kenowekesequape2015 Community Safety Award: 
For significant contributions to community safety and quality of life in Moose Jaw: 

Chad Topp – Director of Wakamow Manor2015 Chief’s Commendation:

For outstanding work on an assault and unlawful confinement investigation:  

Cst. Kyle Cunningham, Cst. Jim Biniaris, (missing from photo Cst Myles Coghlin)Cst Chad Scheske and PSD Loki

The Moose Jaw Police Service is NOW ACCEPTING applications for the position of Constable. Application deadline is Aug 30, 2015

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Published Jul 6, 2015

                                                    Moose Jaw Police Service Media Release

                                                               5 July 2015 to 6 July 2015 

                                                           From 0700 hours to 0700 hours

                                                                Calls for Service:  43


0706 hours – 800 blk 6th Ave. N. E. – Theft of lawn mower from shed.  Still under investigation to speak to suspect.

0834 hours – Assist other Police Department to locate stolen vehicle from the Stoughton area.  Vehicle had not been located at time of media release.

0927 hours – 500 blk Hochelaga St. W. – Vehicle entered causing minor damage, small amount of change taken from vehicle.

1055 hours – 0 blk Hochelaga St. E. – Theft of tailgate from vehicle.  Located and returned to rightful owner.  Person charged with Possession of Stolen property and Breach of Recog X2

1215 hours – 1000 Lillooet St. W. – Dangerous dog, attacked person and another dog.  Dog Owner warned and advised responsibility of vet bills.

1543 hours – 0 blk Manitoba St. E. – Hit and run to vehicle while parked in lot.  Approx $3000 damage. 

1604 hours – 400 blk Moose Square – Harassing phone calls.  Complainant advised of options with Mental health for person making the calls.

1827 hours – Happy Valley Park – Assisted fire dept with small grass fire.  Under investigation to speak with youths that were in the area.

1950 hours – 1500 blk Caribou St. W. – Wellbeing check requested.  Person spoken to and advised his internet has been down for 3 days so was unable to message his family. 

2204 hours – 1100 blk 13th Ave. N. W. – Unwanted guest, Intoxicated person in residence.  Was left in care of another friend for the night.

2208 hours – 1300 blk 13th Ave. S. W. Assist to locate two youths.  They returned on their own at 2314 hours. 

2214 hours – 100 blk Iroquois St. E. – Family dispute.  One party left prior to police arrival.  Some damage to residence.  No charges wanted.

2231 hours – 1300 blk 13th Ave. S. W. – Breach of Recognizance.  Person charged for breaching curfew condition.

2303 hours – 1000 blk Main St. N. – Assist to locate. Person later located and was left in the care of her boyfriend.

2354 hours – 1300 blk Duffield St. – Found identification. To be returned to owner.  Believed to have been taken from his vehicle. Still under investigation.

2359 hours – 100 blk Iroquois St. E. – Disturbance.  Person banging on the door.  Friends attended and picked up person involved.

0015 hours – 300 blk Coteau St. W. – Yelling and screaming heard on the street.  Vehicle involved was located and person was warned regarding their actions.

0030 hours – 1200 blk 13th Ave. N. W. – Two small children, approximately 3 yrs old.  Found by complainant.  Police attended and brought them to station.  Emergency Duty Worker was contacted.

0117 hours – 1200 blk Grace St. – Father reporting his two small children missing.  Attended Station and got his children.  They left residence while he was sleeping. 

0051 hours – 100 blk 2nd Ave. N. E. – Person found breaching his curfew condition.  Was charged breach of Recognizance.

0142 hours – 1300 blk Grandview St. W. – Theft from Vehicle.

0345 hours – 1600 blk Hastings St. W. – Theft from Vehicle.

0358 hours – 900 blk Coteau St. W. – Theft from Vehicle.

0401 hours – 800 blk Athabasca St. W. – Theft from Vehicle.  Two youths charged for four thefts from Vehicle.  Released to caregivers.


911 calls: 5



Published Jul 4, 2015

Moose Jaw Police Service

July 3 – July 4, 2015

0700 hours to 0700 hours

Total calls – 59


0744hrs – 1000 blk Coteau St W – Mischief – Vehicle entered through unlocked door sometime overnight.  Nothing was taken.


0959hrs -  100 blk Fairford St W – Theft of machinery, valued at $200.00.


1146hrs - 100 blk 1st Ave NW – Theft of property.  Two subjects located, Under investigation.


1215hrs – 1100 blk Athabasca St W – Hit and Run.  Suspect vehicle is blue.


1254hrs – 1100 blk Hochelaga St W – Theft of natural gas.  Under investigation.


1331hrs – 1200 blk 9th Ave NE – Mischief to vehicle.  Parties spoken to and given options.


1500hrs – 0 blk Thatcher Dr E – Theft.  Under investigation.


1532hrs – 100 blk 1st Ave NW – Theft of a sign.  Under investigation to review photos.


1739hrs – 200 blk Fairford St E – Vehicle entered and purse stolen.  Under investigation.


1751hrs – 0 blk Caribou St E – Two vehicle accident.  No injuries.


1858hrs – 200 blk Main St N – Subject soliciting for money.  Subject left prior to police arrival.


1919hrs – 1000 blk 8th Ave NW – Dispute.  Subject left prior to police arrival.


1927hrs – 1400 blk 9th Ave NE – Intoxicated person.  Assistance given to subject.


1940hrs – 0 blk Manitoba St E – Report of a dog left in vehicle.  Dog was fine, owners returned as police were there.


1956hrs – Main St at Caribou St E – Police received a report of an intoxicated driver.  The vehicle was stopped and driver was found to be sober.


2017hrs – 500 blk Coteau St W – Kids on the roof.  Area searched, no one located.


2302hrs – Main St N at Fairford St W – Disturbance on the street.  Police attended and parties were separated.


0014hrs – 1200 blk Main St N – Minor accident.  One person was charged with impaired driving, held in cells and will be released when sober.  Subject will appear in court at a later date.


0116hrs – 1000 blk Stadacona St E - Dogs barking.  Police attended and the homeowner was warned regarding the Bylaw.


0243hrs – 600 blk Fairford St E - Dispute between two friends.  Parties separated.


0316hrs – 0 blk Manitoba St E - Suspicious vehicle.  Complainant was followed while walking home.  Vehicle was located and driver spoken to regarding his actions.


0433hrs – 1700 blk Main St N - Intoxicated person.  Subject was turned over to sober friends.


0509hrs – 300 blk Duffield St - Assault, under investigation.  Alcohol was a factor.


0528hrs – 1400 blk 9th Ave NE – Assistance given to family on locating a missing person.  Person located and all is ok.


911 – 9

Alarms – 2

Parking - 6