Published Apr 17, 2014

MJPS Daily Media Release

2014 April 16 – 17

0700 – 0700

32 Calls for Service


0829hrs – 1100 block Grace St – Damage to a vehicle occurred overnight, Police continue to investigate suspects.


0956hrs – 0 block Bluebell Cr – Vehicle was towed as it was left parked on the street unregistered.


1351hrs – 200 block High St W – Dispute between 2 parties, Police mediated, the two agreed to get along.


1539hrs – 700 block Stadacona St W – Complainant was upset about another person spreading rumors she didn’t like.  Complainant was advised of proper way to handle the situation.


1612hrs – 200 block Main St N – Hit and run to a parked vehicle.  Witness to give statement, still under investigation.


1652hrs – 800 block 5th Av NW – Drugs found in a vehicle during STEP Program.  Vehicle and drugs seized, youth charged with possessing the drugs.


1838hrs – 1700 block Main St N – Suspicious Ad on Discover Moose Jaw – Discover Moose Jaw will be requested to remove the Ad.


2150hrs – 100 block 1st Av NW – Suspected Impaired driver – Unfounded, driver was located and was sober.


2210hrs – 0 block Coteau St E – Dispute over property.  Both parties advised of proper division of property procedures.  Mediated.


2310hrs – 500 block Stadacona St W – Alcohol Screening Device demand given to an adult driver.  Result was a PASS.


2317hrs – 700 block 7th Av NW – Beer bottle was thrown through a house window.  Still under investigation.


2321hrs – 0 block Manitoba St W – Concert attendees parking in private parking – caused damage to local vehicle.  Suspect information gained.  Still under investigation.


2329hrs – 200 block 9th Av NW – Intoxicated male located.  Attempts to find someone to take care of him were negative.  Subject held in cells until sober.


2342hrs – 700 block Ominica St E – Female assaulted and threatened.  Adult male charged with Assault, Uttering Threats and Disobeying a Court Order.


2345hrs – 0 block Manitoba St W – Request from family to help assist them in locating their adult brother who was intoxicated after the concert.  Male was located by Police and returned to his family.


0014hrs – 900 block James St – Noise complaint – Mother and son warned of the bylaw.


0102hrs – 0 block Fairford St W – MJPS assisted Moose Jaw RCMP by administering the breath test to an RCMP Impaired Driver.  Held in cell until sober to be released for Court at a later date.


Fail To Appears – 2

Warrants Executed – 6

Alarms – 1