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For quick action taken with a suicidal person on the 9th Avenue bridge: 

Cst. Ryan ForbesTEAMWORK AWARD 2015

For outstanding cooperation, dedication and teamwork to implement innovative solutions and maintain our service delivery capability during a major power failure.2015 Community Building Award:  
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The Moose Jaw Police Service is NOW ACCEPTING applications for the position of Constable. Application deadline is Aug 30, 2015


Published Aug 30, 2015

                                                           Moose Jaw Police Service Media Release

                                                               29 August 2015 to 30 August 2015  

                                                                  From 0700 hours to 0700 hours

                                                                            Calls for Service: 51


0741 hours – 800 blk 4th Ave. N. W. – Theft of a 2008 Suzuki Dual Purpose dirt bike, Sask plate 173JB.

0901 hours – 900 blk Edmonton St. – Breach of Probation.  Person to be charged.

0948 hours – 0 blk Stadacona St. W. – Found bike, white Diamond Back. 

1012 hours – 100 blk High St. W. – Apartment entered while complainant in bath.  Incident is under investigation.

1039 hours – 1200 blk Main St. N. – Dog left in vehicle.  Owner showed up while police on scene.  Owner warned.

1048 hours – 1200 blk Gordon Rd. – Theft from Vehicle sometime overnight.  Suitcase full of clothes taken.  Items were located on King Cr.

1109 hours – 1200 blk Simcoe St. – Break and enter to garage.  Vehicle gone through.  Small amount of change taken.

1202 hours – 800 blk 2nd Ave. N. W. – Theft from vehicle sometime overnight.  Key and small amount of change and an ashtray taken.

1236 hours – 1000 blk Main St. N. – Dispute between family members.  Situation mediated.

1507 hours – 200 blk Duffield St. W. – Back window smashed out of truck. 

1550 hours – 500 blk Laurier – Assistance to other Police department to locate person in our jurisdiction.

1616 hours – 400 blk Diefenbaker Dr. – Theft of purse and phone from vehicle.  Windows had been left open.

1723 hours – 800 blk Fairford St. E. – Dispute between two people.  Both parties spoken to.

1915 hours – 900 blk James St. – Theft of oxygen tank from vehicle sometime overnight.

1955 hours – 1100 blk Grace St. – 2 vehicle accident.  One vehicle struck a parked vehicle.  Approx $10,000 damage, no injuries.  Both vehicles towed.

2000 hours – Thatcher Dr. E. – Erratic driver towing a 5th wheel.  Driver ticketed for no plate and unregistered vehicle.

2017 hours – 900 blk 13th Ave. S. W. – Dispute between two people.  One to stay at different residence for the night.

2040 hours – 1300 blk 12th Ave. S. W. – Noise complaint.  Home owner watching TV, had volume turned quite loud.  Warned regarding bylaw.

2216 hours – 0 blk Thatcher Dr. E. – Vehicle seized, unregistered.  Driver charged for driving while prohibited.

2245 hours – 0 blk Berkshire Ct. – Noisy party complaint.  Homeowner warned regarding bylaw.

2300 hours – 800 blk MacDonald St. – Kids reported as throwing items at passing vehicles.  Incident is under investigation.

2312 hours – 1600 blk Pascoe Cr. – Noisy party. Homeowner spoken to and warned regarding the noise bylaw and open fire pit.

2323 hours – 0 blk Daisy Cr. – Noisy party.  Homeowner warned regarding noise bylaw.

0049 hours – 1000 blk Hall St. W. – Numerous calls regarding fireworks in the area.  Incident is under investigation.

0143 hours – 100 blk High St. W. – Assist Fire Dept.  Smell of smoke in building. 

0208 hours – 1200 blk Main St. N. – Mischief to property.  Person responsible located.  Owner did not wish charges.

0313 hours – 1000 blk Vaughan St. – Dispute between two parties.  Both spoken to and situation mediated.

0326 hours – 400 blk Coteau St. W. – Breach of Probation.  Person charged with breach of curfew condition.

0324 hours – 400 blk 9th Ave S. W. – Intoxicated persons. Friend picked them up and took them home.

0441 hours – 9th Ave S.W. at Vaughan St. – Person laying on the street.  Had been at a wedding and walked home.  Decided to have a nap.  Taken home to family.




911 calls – 11

Alarm calls – 2

Warrants – 1