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Published Mar 1, 2015


2015 February 28 to March 1

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Calls for Service: 



1056hrs – 400 blk Iroquois St W – Dispute – Relationship break up looking for advice on options and advising Police about what was going on.


1219hrs – 1200 blk 9th Av NE – Dispute – Property dispute ongoing for past 2 months.  SUI to speak to other party.


1315hrs – 200 blk Main St N – Fare Fraud – Adult male refused to pay for transportation, charged Fare Fraud.


1330hrs – 100 blk 1st Av NE – Impaired Driving – Adult male charged with Impaired Driving and Exceed .08 by way of Care and Control.  Held until sober.  Issued indefinite license suspension.


1524hrs – 1100 blk Coteau St W – Erratic Driving – Road rage, words exchanged.  SUI to speak to other party.


1853hrs – 500 blk Laurier St – Mischief – Ex roommate ripped up mail.  SUI to speak with other party.


2034hrs – 500 blk Athabasca St W – Dispute – Brothers visiting turned into an argument.  One brother transported to the Bus Depot.


2309hrs – 700 blk Main St S – Dispute – Family dispute, all parties separated for the night.


2343hrs – 200 blk Grandview St W – Noise Bylaw – Loud party, adult male warned under the noise bylaw.


0116hrs – 1000 blk Francis St – Noise Bylaw – Loud stereo/movie – home owner warned.


0138hrs – 1000 blk 3rd Av NE – Noise Bylaw – Loud music, adult male warned.


0159hrs – 0 blk 2nd Av NW – Impaired Driving – Adult male arrested and charged with Impaired Driving and Exceed .08 after providing breath samples.  Held until sober, vehicle seized and male was issued an indefinite license suspension.


0200hrs – 200 blk Grandview St W – Noise Bylaw – Second complaint to same location.  Male issued ticket for bylaw infraction and charged also for breaching his Court Order for alcohol consumption.


0221hrs – 1100 blk Meier Dr – Intoxicated Person – People knocking on door, unknown to homeowners, intoxicated.  Located and realized they had the wrong address.


0238hrs – 500 blk Laurier St – Breach Court Order – Adult male not supposed to be near address.  Located in the area, arrested and charged for being in breach of his Court Ordered Conditions.  Held in cells.


0328hrs – 1700 blk 11th Av NW – Dispute – Family dispute.  Some parties left prior to Police arrival. 


0422hrs – 700 blk Hochelaga St E – Hit and Run / Impaired – Adult female driver collided with three vehicles and left the scene without providing her information.  Once the vehicle being driven broke down female fled on foot.  She was located, arrested and charged with Impaired Driving and Exceed .08 after providing breath samples.  Issued indefinite license suspension.  Approximately $60,000 damage in total to vehicles involved.


0456hrs – 400 blk Stadacona St W – Abandoned Vehicle – Pickup abandoned in the middle of the street.  Towed.



911 - 8

Warrants – 2

False Alarms - 3

Published Feb 28, 2015


2015 February 27 to February 28

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Calls for Service:  47



1007hrs – 600 blk Saskatchewan St – Theft – Cell phone stolen when left behind on a bench.  Still under investigation to view video.


1145hrs – 1000 blk James St – Assist Sick Person – Male feeling suicidal refusing to say where he is.  Located later in the day and taken to hospital.


1227hrs – 1100 blk 5th Av NW – Mischief – Youth male pulled fire alarm.  Charged Mischief.


1313hrs – 0 blk Avens Rd – Custody Dispute – Order explained and advice given.


1350hrs – 200 blk Duffield St W – Impaired Driver – Male sitting in a vehicle was thought to be impaired.  Police attended, male sober.


1421hrs – 400 blk Ominica St W – Theft – Two checks stolen.  Owner has suspect.  SUI


1700hrs – 1100 blk Athabasca St E – Dispute – Employer and Employee disagreement, not a Police matter.


1807hrs – 5th Av NW at Fairford St W – Collision – 2 vehicle collision, no injuries, estimated $20,000 in damages, one ticket issued for proceeding from a stop sign before safe.


1811hrs – 1200 blk Main St N – Theft – Theft from the previous day caught on video.  SUI to locate suspect.


1858hrs – 200 blk Main St N – Fire Call – Report of Smoke in City Hall – Building checked and nothing amiss noted.  False Alarm.


1918hrs – 1200 blk High St W – Theft – Wallet stolen while left unsecured.  SUI to view video of suspect.


1935hrs – 500 blk 9th Av NW – Breach Court Order – Contact conditions being breached by both parties.  Warnings given to both adults.


2235hrs – 700 blk Athabasca St E – Impaired Driving – Adult male arrested and charged with Exceed .08 and Impaired Driving after he provided breath samples.  Vehicle seized and an indefinite license suspension issued.


0000hrs – 200 blk High St W – Intoxicated Male – Male causing problems due to intoxication.  He was turned over to a friend to be looked after.


0227hrs – 1200 blk Gordon Rd – Noise Bylaw – Shouting and stomping reported.  2 kids playing video games.  Parent given warning about the noise bylaw.


0307hrs – 0 blk Manitoba St E – Breach Court Order – Adult male intoxicated contrary to the conditions of his Court Order.  Charged with Breach and held in cells until sober.


0342hrs – 1300 blk Algoma Ave – Assist Sick Person – Requested a ride to hospital to be treated for symptoms of mental health issues.  Taken to hospital and turned over to medical staff.


0425hrs – 400 blk Ominica St W – Theft of Auto – Red Dodge pickup with license plate 447JAA was stolen from the downtown area sometime between 0300 and 0425hrs.  SUI to locate suspect and vehicle.



Warrants – 1

Parking – 2

Published Feb 27, 2015

                                                     Moose Jaw Police Service Media Release

                                                       26 February 2015 to 27 February 2015 

                                                             From 0700 hours to 0700 hours

                                                             Number of Calls for Service: 34

0836 hours – Caribou St W at Thatcher Dr W – MVA – Two vehicle MVA with no injuries, damage estimated at $10,000, one charge of leave stop sign before safe.

0918 horus – 1100 Block Normandy Dr – MVA – Vehicle got caught in ruts and hit a tree, damage estimated at $8,000 and vehicle was towed, there were no injuries or charges.

0926 hours – 100 Block Fairford St W – Unwanted Guest – Business given advice on dealing with an unwanted male re-entering premises.

1102 hours – 1200 Block Clifton Ave – Landlord/Tenant Dispute – Landlord seeking options regarding dispute with tenant, options given, situation mediated.

1112 hours – 0 Block Fairford St W – Dispute – Spoke to both parties involved, situation mediated.

1124 hours -500 Block Manitoba St E – MVA – Two vehicle MVA with no injuries, damage estimated at $10,000 and one vehicle was towed, no charges.

1147 hours – 9th Ave SW at Iroquois St W – During routine traffic patrol a vehicle was stopped and vehicle was found to be unregistered, vehicle towed, driver issued ticket.

1207 hours – 500 Block 6th Ave NE – MVA – Three vehicle MVA with no injuries, damage estimated at $15,000 and one vehicle was towed, no charges.

1253 hours – 500 Block 9th Ave NW – Theft – Theft of medication, still under investigation to speak with suspect.

1911 hours – 500 Block 9th Ave NW – Dispute – Dispute mediated.

2002 hours – 300 Block Manitoba St E –Hit and Run – Truck taking a wide turn hit a light standard and left the scene. Truck located and proper paperwork filled out. Damage estimated at $2,000.

2129 hours – 1100 Block 4th Ave NE – Assist EMS – Police were called to assist EMS with a male patient. Patient brought to the hospital by EMS and left in their care.

2239 hours – 1600 Block Main St N – Underage male attempted to use false ID in licenced premise. ID confiscated and minor issued ticket.

Alarm calls - 1

911 calls: 3

Hit & Run - 4

Curfew Checks:   

Warrant executed - 1