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Moose Jaw Police Service had recently received several complaints of online and phone scams. The most recent include:


Scammers contact potential victims to advise that they have won a prize through “Publisher’s Clearing House” or “Reader’s Digest”. In order to receive the winnings, the scammers request fees up front through Western Union or money transfers in order to cover taxes or legal fees associated to the prize. Scammers will make several requests for further fees, and the victim never receives the prize.


Scammers post online ads offering loans. Victims who respond to the ads are required to send advanced fees or payments in order to cover insurance or initial payments before receiving the loan. Scammers will make several requests for further fees, and the victim never receives the loan.

Moose Jaw Police Service would like to remind the public that unsolicited calls advising that you have won a lottery or prize are scams. Companies such as Publisher’s Clearing House or Reader’s Digest will never request money or fees upfront of receiving prizes. Any fees associated will never be paid through a money service business.

Financial businesses cannot request fees prior to obtaining loans. Never give out your personal information over the phone.

If you have been victim of or believe you have been victim of a scam, contact the Moose Jaw Police Service or go online to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre for more information. www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca

Calls for Service


Moose Jaw Police Service


2017 June 23 to 2017 June 24


0700 hours to 0700 hours


Total calls –  53


0955hrs – 1200blk 5th Ave NW – Vehicle towed for being parked on street unregistered.




1123hrs – 400blk North Service Rd – Dangerous driver. Still under investigation to speak with registered owner/driver of vehicle.




1127hrs – 600blk Main St S – Assist to locate.  Located male subject and he was fine.




1157hrs – 0blk Fairford St E – Hit and run occurred June 2, 2017.  Minor damage to front bumper.




1200hrs – 9th Ave NW at MacDonald St – Single vehicle accident.  Deer ran into vehicle.




1204hrs – 5th Ave NW at Fairford St W – Two vehicle accident.  No injuries. One ticket issued for disobey stop sign.




1320hrs – 1000blk 6th Ave NW – Dispute between neighbours.  Police attended and mediated.




1419hrs – 1200blk Main St N – Theft.  Still under investigation to identify suspect.




1611hrs – 100blk Ominica St W – Hit and run occurred June 22, 2017.  Minor damage.




1637hrs – 200blk Ominica St W – Custody dispute.  Civil matter. Options given.




1705hrs – 300blk Thatcher Dr E – Two vehicle accident.  $30,000 damage.  Charges are pending.




1831hrs – 1300blk Connaught Ave – Dispute over cell phone.  Mediated.




2010hrs – 1100blk 2nd Ave NE – Assault.   One male charged.  To be released  with conditions for court at a later date.




2009hrs – 1600blk Main St N – Police conducted a traffic stop.  The driver was found to be a prohibited driver.  Vehicle was seized for 30 days.  Driver released for court at a later date.




2202hrs – 800blk Main St N – Erratic driving.  Still under investigation to locate driver and warn regarding driving actions.




2308hrs – 200blk Thatcher Dr E – Police attended for an intoxicated person.  Subject was taken home and left in the care of parents.




2318hrs – 0blk Manitoba St E – Disturbance.  One male was arrested and held in cells until sober.




0055hrs – 1000blk Athabasca St E – Single vehicle accident.  Still under investigation.




0100hrs – 1300blk 9th Ave NW – Impaired driver.  Subject charged and released for court at a later date.  Vehicle seized for 30 days.




0130hrs – Laurier St W at 11th Ave NW – Police received a report of a male checking vehicle door handles.  A male youth was arrested and charged with breaching his court order.  No property was found on the youth.




0204hrs – 200blk Lillooet St W – Intoxicated male sleeping on the lawn.  Male was taken home and left in the care of family.




0243hrs – 2200blk Caribou St W – Male youth charged with impaired driving.  Vehicle seized for 30 days.






911 Calls – 9

Alarm Calls - 2

Assist Other Agency – 1

Warrant Executed – 1