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On 2017 April 11 at 0018hrs, Moose Jaw Police Service and Moose Jaw Fire Department attended to a vehicle fire on the 400 block of Manitoba St E. On arrival, one vehicle was fully engulfed in flames. A second nearby vehicle also caught fire as a result of being near the first vehicle.

Moose Jaw Fire Department was able to control the fire and extinguish the two vehicles before the fire spread any further.

Damage is estimated at $70,000.

The incident is still under investigation.

Moose Jaw Police Service requests that anyone with information regarding this incident call 306-694-7600 or contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.



**Reminder to the Public**

With the tax season upon us and most people are in the middle of filing taxes, Moose Jaw Police Service would like to warn the public regarding a re-emerging scam that has been circulating in Moose Jaw and other cities.

The caller identifies themselves as Canada Revenue Agency and advises the caller that they owe money to Revenue Canada.  They advise that if they don’t send money immediately Police would be showing up at their doorstep with a warrant for their arrest.

Please be aware this is a scam. If you receive any phone calls from people claiming to be from Revenue Canada demanding money, do not send money or provide credit card information over the phone. Simply hang up and contact Revenue Canada Agency at their listed number to determine if the phone call was legitimate

You can also report these occurrence’s to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre Toll Free 1-888-495-8501, or you can visit their website for further information on protecting yourself at:



Moose Jaw Police Service had recently received several complaints of online and phone scams. The most recent include:


Scammers contact potential victims to advise that they have won a prize through “Publisher’s Clearing House” or “Reader’s Digest”. In order to receive the winnings, the scammers request fees up front through Western Union or money transfers in order to cover taxes or legal fees associated to the prize. Scammers will make several requests for further fees, and the victim never receives the prize.


Scammers post online ads offering loans. Victims who respond to the ads are required to send advanced fees or payments in order to cover insurance or initial payments before receiving the loan. Scammers will make several requests for further fees, and the victim never receives the loan.

Moose Jaw Police Service would like to remind the public that unsolicited calls advising that you have won a lottery or prize are scams. Companies such as Publisher’s Clearing House or Reader’s Digest will never request money or fees upfront of receiving prizes. Any fees associated will never be paid through a money service business.

Financial businesses cannot request fees prior to obtaining loans. Never give out your personal information over the phone.

If you have been victim of or believe you have been victim of a scam, contact the Moose Jaw Police Service or go online to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre for more information. www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca

On March 18, 2017 at approximately 9:54 pm, Moose Jaw Police were called to attend the 200 block Ominica Street West for a report of a disturbance.  Information revealed that a 23 year old Moose Jaw male with multiple stab wounds was transported to the hospital where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Police continue to investigate.

Police are asking if anyone has any information regarding this crime to please contact police or Crime Stoppers.

On 2017 March 18th police attended to a 911 call at a residence in the 0 block of Maple St E. In the course of investigating the 911 call an adult male was taken into custody for outstanding warrants. Further investigation lead to the discovery of a stolen firearm and ammunition inside the residence.

The adult male was remanded into custody for court on Monday 2017 March 20th.

The male is being charged with:

*Careless storage of a firearm 86(1) CCC
*Unauthorized possession of a firearm 91(1) CCC
*Possession of a weapon obtained by the commission of an offence 96(1) CCC
*Breach of probation x3 733.1(1) CCC

On 2017 March 17 at 1646 hours, Moose Jaw Police Service, CP Police along with EMS and Moose Jaw Fire Department attended to 9th Ave NW at Edmonton St for a report that a vehicle had hit a pedestrian.

The pedestrian, a 16 year old female, was taken to the hospital by EMS with undetermined non-life threatening injuries.

Damage to the vehicle is estimated at $3,000.

This incident is still under investigation by Moose Jaw Police Service by obtaining further statements from witnesses.


On 2017 April 25 at 1147 hours a lone male entered the Conexus Credit Union located at 335 4th Ave SW, in Moose Jaw. The male approached a teller, handed a note demanding cash. The lone male exited the bank with an undisclosed amount of money. No one was hurt in the incident.

Police are continuing to investigate.

Calls for Service

Moose Jaw Police Service

2017 April 24 to 2017 April 25

0700 hours to 0700 hours

Total calls – 34



0843hrs – 4th Ave NW at Laurier St – Single Vehicle Collision – No injuries, vehicle towed. Occurred due to weather conditions.


0924hrs – 600 block Home St W – Break & Enter – Business was entered and miscellaneous items stolen including cash. Police continue to investigate.


1002hrs – Main St N at Macdonald St – 2 Vehicle Collision – No injuries, 1 vehicle towed. Damage estimated at $20,000 and 2 tickets issued for failing to yield and failing to stop.


1349hrs – 200 block Main St N – Suspicious Person – An adult was arrested on outstanding warrants and released to attend court on a later date.


1407hrs – 1000 block 1st Ave NE – Theft of bike – Under investigation.


1528hrs – 600 Fairford St E – Theft of Purse – Navy blue “Ardienne” purse containing was wallet stolen.


1550hrs – 1200 block Main St N – Driving Erratic – Description and plate obtained of vehicle speeding and swerving in and out of traffic. Under investigation to speak with the registered owner.


1553hrs – 500 block Thatcher Dr E – Hit & Run to Vehicle – Damage to rear tail light estimated at $1,000. No paint transfer of offending vehicle.


1600hrs – 800 block Chester Rd – Breach of Recognizance – Both parties breached the no contact condition on the court order. Complainant was warned to cease contact. Still under investigation to contact other party involved.


1609hrs – 100 block Stadacona St W – Mischief – Driver side door of vehicle keyed causing approximately $2,000 damage.


1718hrs – 0 block Manitoba St W – Suspicious Person – Police assisted CP Police with an adult that was seen crossing the railway tracks on foot. Person was located at home and left in care of a family member.


1758hrs – 500 block 7th Ave SE – Breach of Undertaking – An adult was arrested on an outstanding warrant and charged for breaching the alcohol condition on a court order after a call was received for a distraught person. Subject was detained in cells and will be remanded to attend court in Regina on Wednesday.


1827hrs – 1100 block Hochelaga St W – Theft Under/Property dispute – Police continue to investigate.


1838hrs – 1500 block Cree Cr – Suspicious Person(s) – An unknown person knocked on the door of a residence and scared the complainant. A check of the area was done, but it was negative for the person or vehicle.


1902hrs – 500 block 7th Ave SE – Abandoned Vehicle/Collision – An adult that was located at the vehicle was arrested for public intoxication and detained in cells until sober. The  vehicle was towed.


1913hrs – 1100 block Currie Cr – Assist to locate 8 year old – Child was located in nearby area after a short search and returned home to parent.


2151hrs – 1700 Main St N – Mischief – An adult was arrested and charged for misuse of 911 after numerous calls were made that were non-emergent in nature. Subject was  detained in cells to be released for court at a later date.





911 Calls – 5

Assist other Police Agency - 5

Warrant  Executed – 4

Parking Bylaw - 2

Moose Jaw Police Service

April 23-24, 2017

0700 hours to 0700 hours

Total calls – 14


0937 hours - 100 Block Edelweiss Cr – Alarm – Commercial alarm. Key-holder contacted by security company and alarm call subsequently cancelled.


0956 hours – 0 Block Thatcher Dr E – Break & Enter – Occurred sometime overnight. Still under investigation.


1308 hours- 1600 Block Hastings St – Breach of Undertaking – Subject on conditions of no contact reported sending messages.


1620 hours – 0 Block Athabasca St W- Alarm – Police responded to a residential alarm and discovered the property to be secure. False alarm.


1729 hours – 200 Block High St W – Alarm – Police responded to a commercial alarm. Door not properly latched; no sign of forced entry. Secured.


2022 hours – 1400 Block Glendale St – Dispute – Dispute over personal property. Still under investigation.


2302 hours – 1200 Block Main St N – Driving While Prohibited – Vehicle seized for 30 days and suspended driver charged with driving while prohibited.


2343 hours – 900 Block Main St N – Dispute – Subject warned for interfering with city workers.


Warrants executed - 8


Moose Jaw Police Service

April 22-23, 2017

0700 hours to 0700 hours

Total calls – 36


0928 hours – 800 blk 5th Ave NW – Theft – Four bags of recyclables taken.  Still under investigation.


0935 hours – 200 blk High St W – Theft – Alcohol was stolen.  File is under investigation to locate suspect.


1054 hours – 800 blk Duffield St – Dispute - Police attended for a report of subject throwing coffee at complainant.  Investigation divulged that complainant was indeed lying to police and charges are pending.


1122 hours – 900 blk Alder Ave – Dispute – Ongoing issues between two individuals.  Mediated.  Both were advised to cease contact.


1222 hours – 11th Ave SW at Warner St – Well-being check – Subject had said things about possible self-harm that had complainant concerned.  Subject was located and was fine - advised they did not mean what they said.


1316 hours – 300 blk Hochelaga St W – Assist sick person – Subject was having suicidal thoughts.  Taken to hospital to speak with doctor.


1406 hours – 1200 blk Main St N – Erratic Driving – Owner of the vehicle was warned after reports of vehicle speeding and racing up and down a parking lot.


1418 hours - 1000 blk Ross St E – Assault causing bodily harm – Suspect brought to cells.  File is under investigation and charges are pending.


1505 hours – 0 blk Thatcher Dr E – Shoplifting – An adult was charged with theft under $5000 and released for court at a later date.


1623 hours – 500 blk Laurier St – Unknown 911 – Caller was warned regarding the misuse of 911 after a number of calls of a non-emergent nature in a very short time.


1642 hours – 700 blk Main St N – Shoplifting – Two suspects were warned for theft under $5000 and paid for items they had removed from product boxes.


1810 hours – 100 blk Fairford St W – Theft Under – Recyclables and medication were taken.  Under investigation to locate suspects.


2110 hours – 800 blk MacDonald St – Dispute – Youth was threatening suicide after a dispute with staff at a local business.  Youth denied being suicidal and was left in the care of a family member.

2139 hours – 1600 blk Hastings – Dispute – Verbal disagreement between two adults.  Mediated.


2201 hours – Caribou St W at 9th Ave NW – Mischief – Passenger in a vehicle threw something that hit the complainant’s windshield.  Plate number was obtained and the owner will be contacted.


2337 hours – 0 blk Everton Cr – Dispute – Verbal disagreement resulted in complainant being locked out of the house by the spouse.  Complainant opted to go to a friend’s for the night and let both parties have a cooling off time.


0004 hours – 1400 blk Spadina St – Dispute – Verbal dispute was mediated and both were left with a family member.


0008 hours – 1000 blk Ross St E – Noise complaint – Complainant thought there was a fight going on in the home.  It was actually an avid hockey fan cheering when the Oilers scored!


0037 hours – 4th Ave NW at Fairford St W – Recovered Stolen Vehicle – Truck was towed to the police station and will be processed by the Ident Unit.


0145 hours – 1200 blk Vaughan St - Breach Court Order – Subject was noted in a vehicle during a routine traffic stop, arrested on outstanding warrants, and charged with breaching conditions on a court ordered Recognizance.  Held in police cells until sober.


0609 hours – 1100 blk Prince Charles Pl – Intoxicated Person – Subject was arrested on outstanding warrants, held in police cells until sober, and will be released for a later court date.


Assist other agency – 2

911 Calls – 9


Warrants executed - 7