Published Jun 19, 2018

Moose Jaw Police Service

2018 June 18 to 2018 June 19

0700 hours to 0700 hours

Total calls – 49



0908hrs – Mischief to vehicle.  Sometime overnight vehicle spray painted.


0908hrs – Dispute.  Complainant given advise on how to stop unwanted communication.


0933hrs – Tresspass.  Subject previously issued a ban letter.  Still under investigation.


0940hrs – Parking Bylaw.  Vehicles parked where posted for street cleaning.  Vehicles ticketed.


1203hrs – Theft of a battery.


1204hrs – Shoplifting.  Charges pending.


1207hrs – Unwanted guest.  Subject left prior to police arrival.


1213hrs – Dispute.  One subject left prior to police arrival.  One subject arrested on outstanding warrants.


1321hrs – Barking dog.  Homeowner warned regarding noise bylaw.


1405hrs – Theft under.  Still under investigation to speak with parties involved.


1439hrs – Unwanted guest.  Subject asked to move along.


1443hrs – Theft.  Sometime over the weekend license plate stolen.


1446hrs – Dispute between landlord and tenant.  Reported for information purposes.


1507hrs – Wellbeing check.  Subject located, taken home and was left in care of staff.


1513hrs – Break and Enter.  House entered and destroyed room.  Still under investigation to speak with suspect.


1531hrs – Hit and Run.  Approximately $1,000 damage.


1534hrs – Wellbeing Check.  Subject was located and is fine.  Appropriate agency notified.


1612hrs – Mischief to vehicle.  Approximate damage $200.00.


1618hrs – Dispute.  Verbal argument mediated.


1753hrs – Fraud.  Cheque fraud.  Still  under investigation.


1829hrs – Threats.  Still under investigation for charges.


2003hrs – Threats.  Reported for information purposes. 


2010hrs – Dispute between neighbours.  All parties spoken to, mediated.


2020hrs – Assist EMS.  Subject taken to hospital and left in their care.


0028hrs – Unwanted guest.  Subject intoxicated, taken home.


Warrant Execution - 2

911 calls – 6

Assist Other Agency – 6

Alarm calls – 1

Curfew check - 1

Published Jun 18, 2018

Moose Jaw Police Service

2018 June 17 to 2018 June 18

0700 hours to 0700 hours

Total calls – 47



1031 hrs- Possession Stolen Property- Subject located riding stolen bike and was charged with possession of stolen property.


1039hrs- Bike Theft- Bike stolen from local gym, lock was cut off.


1111hrs- Theft under - Clothing being stolen from a laundry room and posting it on Facebook group page for sale.


1256 hrs- Theft Over- Trailer and  2 dirt bikes taken out of a yard.


1725 hrs- Hit and Run- Vehicle was hit sometime in the last 48 hours causing $500 damage to the driver’s side mirror.


1733 hrs- Parking Bylaw- Truck parked in front of house for over 48 hours, tires marked.


1756hrs- MVA Injury- 2 vehicles collided causing $3000 damage causing minor injuries.


2129 hrs- Driving Dangerous- driver spoken to and warned regarding his actions


2133 hrs- Driving Erratic- Vehicles racing in parking lot, police attended and all was quiet on arrival.


2207 hrs- Assault- male charged with Assault x 3 and breach of court order, male was held in cells until sober and will be released by Justice of the Peace with court order conditions in the morning


2338 hrs- Dog- Barking- Owner located and was warned of dog bylaw



Warrant Execution - 1

911 calls – 6

Assist Other Agency – 1

Alarm calls – 1

Curfew check - 3

Published Jun 17, 2018


Moose Jaw Police Service

2018 June 16 to 2018 June 17

0700 hours to 0700 hours

Total calls – 38


0847hrs – Theft Under – Items taken from property by a subject, incident is still under investigation.


1257hrs- Disturbance - Subject was causing problems at a job site, subject was located and advised no to return.


1347hrs – Disturbance -  Subject was located and warned to stay away from the area.


1505hrs- Noise Bylaw- Police received complaint of loud music coming from a house. Subject was located and warned about the noise and turned the music down.


1800hrs - Mischief - Vehicle was damaged during an altercation between 2 people in the parking lot causing approximately $100 in damages.


1835hrs - Traffic Bylaw- Received report of vehicles driving back and forth down the street revving engines.  Police attended and patrolled the area.


2008hrs - Trespass- Youth playing on roof at a local school, Police attended and removed them. Parents and the school were notified.


2012hrs- Dispute – Subjects were all spoken to, situation mediated and one subject left for the night.


2230hrs - Noise Bylaw- Received complaint of a noisy large party. Police attended and warned the owner of the noise bylaw.


0038hrs – Noise Bylaw – Residents were spoken to and warned under the Noise Bylaw.


0246hrs – Disturbance – Subject was located and arrested for being intoxicated in a public place; held in cells until sober.



911 calls – 5

Assist Other Agency – 1