Published Dec 18, 2018

Moose Jaw Police Service

2018 December 17 to 2018 December 18

0700 hours to 0700 hours

Total calls – 44


0737 hours – Driving Erratic.  Still under investigation.


0857 hours –  Parking Bylaw. Vehicle towed for being unregistered.


0958 hours – Landlord/Tenant Situation.  Civil matter, both parties spoken to.


1032 hours – Abandoned Child. Small child running down the street, parents located and child returned home. Social Services advised.  


1204 hours – Theft from Vehicle.  License plate swapped with another plate, stolen plate added to database.


1219 hours – Theft from Vehicle. License plate swapped with another plate, stolen plate added to database.


1301 hours – Trespass. Subject enter premise unlawfully, subject was warned.  


1313 hours – Parking Bylaw – Vehicle parked in the area for a long time period, vehicle was moved.


1352 hours – Breach of Recognizance.  Subject was charged for breach of recognizance and cause a disturbance. Being held in cells for PACT to follow up.


1356 hours – Parking Bylaw.  Trailer blocking access, registered owner informed and trailer was moved.


1537 hours – Traffic Bylaw.  Subject has been parking across a cross walk frequently, subject was warned under the bylaw.


1654 hours – Well Being Check. Subject was not answering calls or door, subject was located safely at home.  


1727 hours – MVA Over.  2 vehicle MVA, one subject charged for driving too fast for road conditions.


1744 hours – Threats. Complainant receiving threats, subject to be charged with a breach.


1803 hours – Unknown 911/Other. Suspicious person in the area, subject was just at the wrong location.


1813 hours – Armed Robbery. Suspects wearing masks, armed with a pipe robbed local business, there were no injuries. K9 track resulted in two juvenile suspects being arrested. Still under investigation. 


2216 hours – Breach of Recognizance. Subject to be charged with breach of recognizance.


2219 hours – Dispute. Verbal dispute between two aggravated drivers, both parties were warned.


0129 hours – Intoxicated Person. Subject had not been seen for several hours, subject was located at the hospital. 


0301 hours – Break and Enter.  Building entered through insecure door, alarm sounded and suspects left.  SUI.


911 calls -4

Parking bylaw – 3

Assist Other Agency - 6