Published Jun 11, 2019

Moose Jaw Police Service
2019 June 10 to 2019 June 11

0700 hours to 0700 hours

Total Calls – 60


0828 hours – Assist to Locate – Youth subject had not returned home, subject was located in good health.


0842 hours – Well Being Check - Complainant was concerned about the wellbeing of an adult subject, subject was located in good health.


1002 hours – Driving Dangerous – adult subject was seen driving dangerously; this matter is still under investigation to speak with the registered owner.


1005 hours – Dispute - neighbor dispute, the dispute was mediated.


1027 hours – Trespass – Adult subject was banned from a location and had returned back, this matter is still under investigation to review video footage.


1036 hours – MVA – 2 vehicle accident, reported as one of the plate was an out of province plate, file number was provided.


1040 hours – MVA – 2 vehicle accident, both vehicles were towed and one ticket was issued for fail to yield the right of way.


1112 hours – Dispute – dispute between two parties, situation was mediated.


1118 hours – Parking Bylaw – vehicle has been parked in the same spot for a long period of time, registered owner advised he would move it, still under investigation to check back and ensure it was moved.


1134 hours – Barking Dog – subject was warned under the bylaw.


1427 hours – Assist to Locate – youth subject did not return home after school, subject was located and returned back to family.


1501 hours – Dispute – family dispute, advice was given, situation mediated.


1516 hours – Theft of Auto – vehicle was stolen, stolen auto form was signed and the vehicle was added to the national database.


1616 hours – Found Property – property was found, this matter is still under investigation to return property to the owner.


1654 hours – Driving Dangerous – subject was driving dangerously, registered owner was spoken to and warned for driving actions.


1943 hours – Mischief – adult subject caused mischief to property, this matter is still under investigation.


1953 hours – MVA – 2 vehicle accident, 2 tows required, 1 ticket issued for fail to yield the right of way, minor injuries.


2001 hours - Barking Dog – subject was warned under the bylaw.


2149 hours – Dispute – civil dispute between parties, situation was mediated.


2222 hours – Disturbance – subject was causing a disturbance; subject was located and advised to move along, subject left without incident.


2344 hours – Intoxicated Person – adult subject appeared to be very intoxicated; subject was located in good health, not intoxicated.


0113 hours – Unwanted Guest – subject was no longer wanted at the residence, subject was gone prior to police arrival.



911 Calls – 6

Warrants executed - 2

Assist other Agency – 1

Curfew checks – 19 - 1

Published Jun 12, 2019

Moose Jaw Police Service
2019 June 11 to 2019 June 12

0700 hours to 0700 hours

Total Calls – 64



0918 hours –Well Being Check – Subject located in good health.  Complainant advised.


1001 hours – Dispute – Verbal dispute between two parties.  Situation was mediated.


1058 hours – Mischief – Two tires on vehicle slashed sometime overnight.


1329 hours – Assist to Locate – Subject left residence without letting anyone know they were leaving.  Subject located with family.


1543 hours – Dispute – Custody dispute, both parties advised of proper channels to take.


1836 hours – Intoxicated Person – Subject walking down street yelling and swearing.  Subject located, alcohol discarded and sent on their way.


1953 hours – Unwanted Guest – Subject was gone prior to police arrival.  Police spoke with subject via phone and warned them not to return to residence.


2229 hours – Dispute – Verbal dispute between two parties.  Situation mediated, one subject detained on outstanding warrants, released for court at a later date.


0020 hours – Mischief/Breach Court Order – Subject damaged building with a metal pole.  Subject located and charged.  Released for court at a later date.


0029 hours – Mischief – Intoxicated subject damaging property in residence.  Subject detained for Mischief and held in cells until sober.


0506 hours – Theft – Two subjects reportedly stealing property from yards, carrying large bags with them. Subjects located and spoken to, did not have any property on them.





911 Calls – 6

Assist Other Agency - 4

Community Service Project – 7

Alarm Call – 1

Warrant Executed - 2


Published Jun 13, 2019

Moose Jaw Police Service
2019 June 12 to 2019 June 13

0700 hours to 0700 hours

Total Calls – 36


0743hrs – Shoplifting – Incident is still under investigation for possible charges


0942hrs – Municipal Bylaw – Dogs were found roaming off leash. Owner was warned under the bylaw


1035hrs – Municipal Bylaw – Incident still under investigation to speak with owner of barking dogs.


1516hrs – Municipal Bylaw – Subject was driving a Quad in city limits, they were warned under the bylaw.


1939hrs – Erratic driving – Statement was obtained by complainant and driver to be issued a ticket.


2311hrs – Mischief – Subjects were seen damaging property, still under investigation.


911 Calls – 2

Assist Other Agency - 3

Alarm Call – 2

Warrant Executed – 3

Published Jun 14, 2019


Moose Jaw Police Service
2019 June 13 to 2019 June 14


0700 hours to 0700 hours


Total Calls – 25




1016 hours – Found Property – Found property was turned into the police. Police exhibited the item.




1112 hours – Hit and Run – A hit and run occurred causing approximately $1,500 worth of damage to a vehicle.




 1529 hours – Parking Bylaw – An owner of a vehicle was contacted in regards to a parking violation.




1537 hours – Mischief – One person was charged with mischief.




1539 hours – Well Being Check – Police were able to locate the person in question and get them the help they needed.




1609 hours – Suspicious Occurrence – Kids were jumping of a bridge into the water. The kids were told to move along.




1704 hours – Shoplifting – Police are still investigating this matter.




1832 hours – Bike theft – A bike was stolen sometime during the day.




1935 hours – Suspicious Occurrence – Two people were spoken to about the dangers of throwing rocks at trains.




2230 hours – Impaired Driving – One person was charged with impaired driving.




911 Calls – 3


Assist Other Agency - 6


Alarm Call – 2


Pact - 3


Published Jun 15, 2019


Moose Jaw Police Service
2019 June 14 to 2019 June 15


0700 hours to 0700 hours


Total Calls – 70





0930hrs – Fail to Appear – 11 people failed to appear in Court.  Warrants issued.



1107hrs – Break and Enter – Storage bay entered, still under investigation.



1107hrs – Break and Enter – Shed entered by former tenant, subject to be issued Trespass ticket.



1134hrs – Threats – Still under investigation



1419hrs – Graffiti – Photos taken, still under investigation



1452hrs – Found Property – Rifle cartridges found in a clothing item purchased at a garage sale.  Turned over to Police for destruction.



1501hrs – Break and Enter – Apartment door kicked in, items left behind.  Still under investigation.



1649hrs – Abandoned Child – Mom was warned about leaving a child in the vehicle.



1707hrs – Assist Sick Person – Adult requiring assistance was taken to hospital



1923hrs – Collision – Vehicle rolled down a hill into a hedge and private lawn.  Vehicle towed. 



2016hrs – Assault – Unfounded, large group of kids gathering and some were wrestling.



2039hrs – Erratic Driving.  Vehicle noted ebraking, driving up on curbs with little regard for others, SUI to speak with the owner.



2157hrs – Abandoned Vehicle – vehicle was left in the roadway with damages.  Towed and still under investigation.


2142hrs – Dangerous Driving – Driver was yelling and trying to pass people in a construction zone.  Owner warned, also received a ticket for driving while restricted.



2313hrs – Mischief – 2 subjects were reportedly walking into traffic to cause issues.  Both subjects were located and warned. 



2342hrs –  Assault – 2 youth arguing and an assault took place.  Youth warned as per the Youth Criminal Justice Act.



2344hrs – Breach Court Order – Group of kids in a park gathering and throwing things around.  Police attended and arrested 1 subject for being out past curfew.



0044hrs – Theft – Subjects noted carrying a construction sign.  Subjects were located, warned for theft and the sign was returned.



0050hrs – Intoxicated Person – Adult was found lying in the roadway, intoxicated.  Turned over to a friend.



0150hrs – Dispute – 2 adults arguing, called for help and then hung up.  Subjects located several hours later.  Both warned for public mischief.



911 Calls – 3


Curfew - 3


Warrants Executed – 14